About Us

At Kernilion, our passion is to create jewelry that reflects your personality, allowing you to shine with elegance. Our creations, born from the collaboration of two fashion and jewelry enthusiasts, embody individuality and French elegance. Each piece, carefully crafted in France, blends silver and natural pearls for a touch of purity and sophistication.

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Our vision

We believe that jewelry should reflect your personal journey and accompany you at every step. Our pieces are designed to be versatile, adaptable, and durable, allowing you to effortlessly wear them from day to night. We strive to create jewelry that seamlessly integrates into your daily life and becomes the ultimate expression of your individuality

Healing Powers

Lapis bleu

Wisdom - Confidence - Prosperity

Lapis brings mental clarity, builds self-confidence and leads to self-perfection. It brings deep power, wisdom and inner strength. This stone calms the mind and strengthens the will.


Objectivity - Spirituality - Meditation

Onyx helps eliminate negative thoughts and stress and is good for meditation and positive dreams.

Oeil de tigre brun

Insight - Confidence - Balance

Tiger's eye can bring good luck and protection from the evil eye to the wearer, while promoting balance and strength to get through the difficult phases of life.


Optimism - Courage - Stability

This stone helps with optimism, willpower and courage, directly related to feelings of stability and security. It is a calming stone, but it also offers support for your hopes, dreams, wishes.

Lava stone

Strength - Passion - Creation

Lava stone gives strength (physical and mental) and clarity to face difficult situations. It stimulates the will and creation.


Strength - Courage - Control

Pyrite is a powerful protective stone that protects against all forms of negative vibrations and/or energy.

In Short