One bracelet, A story...

K stands for Kevin and R for Romain, Kernilion is the story of two close cousins from Lyon who over the years have discovered through their travels a common passion for fashion and jewellery.



After several years the desire for a project became a reality. Armed with their travels and their pronounced tastes in fashion and trend, in 2018 the idea for the Kernillion took shape. Like Ying and Yang but harmoniously, Kevin for the fiery, ingenious, creative side with Romain in turn who is more structured and attentive to trends.



These two combined they will

offer you a perfect understanding of the domain, the best of French “savoir faire” in Lyon, the French capital of jewelry, but also city of origin of these 2 cousins and the Kernilion brand ...

Kévin L.

Surrounded by competent professionals in the jewelry sector, with prestigious boutiques in Place Vendôme and other places as selective and as luxurious , Kevin and Romain are constantly searching for, drawing, finding new stones, new colors, new styles, so that each Kernilion jewel can enhance your wrist. Machines will never replace men's knowledge, therefore all of our creations are meticulously handmade to guarantee the best.



Only the finest materials of the best quality are selected for our products. 925 sterling silver, gold, precious and semi precious minerals are used, because it is not only a bracelet that you will wear with Kernilion, but an authentic and singular timeless jewel which is none other than the fruit of a collaboration intended to offer you the best.

KERNILION Bracelet Romain Fondateur
Romain L.